Tuesday, 20 November 2012

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We here at Pie recently partook in some of the services offered by Cheryl @ulookslim. The magic happened in beautiful downtown Barrie at the BliSS Barn, 119 Dunlop St East, Barrie, ON.
Optimizing well-being, body transformation, connecting with your inner self, and crafting real change by setting realistic goals. These are the words that drive Cheryl's passion and success.

"The desire to live healthier, perform better and show up for life is within all of us. I believe this journey can be fun, exciting and effortless."
Here is a brief rundown of the wide array of services offered by ulookslim:

Wave Rides
This specialized computer system can "work-out" your muscles and give you greater tone & shape. Electro-muscle stimulation is just like a physical workout and builds real muscle; target your trouble spot & poof! effortlessly transformation.

Quantum Scalar Wave Laser
Healing light & rejuvenation therapy. Deletes traumatic cellular memory allowing the body to unwind and relax, therefore healing itself.

Nutritional Management Program
Eating & understanding what your eating. Way more than a diet program, its a full on made-for-u lifestyleenhancement program created by their very own nutritionist.

Integrated Body Work 
Open up to healing with a 1 or 2 hr session that integrates massage, reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy, guided imagery, and laser therapy.

Juicing Programs
Refreshing, natural and easy. Juicing offers you vibrant health through highly absorbable natural nutrients.

Universal Contour Wrap
Quick and often dramatic inch loss through a detoxification wrapping process. Lose up to 6 inches in 2 1/2 hrs!!

With so many choices it was hard for us to decide but in the end we went with the Integrated Body Work and a Juicing Program. There are millions of words we could use to describe our experience, but if asked to choose some they would be amazing, life altering and empowering!

"We offer a new way of viewing your body & weight concerns by providing relaxing, uplifting, and time sensitive body enhancing treatments with proven results. Our goal is to help you fall in love with yourself by guiding you into deeper awareness to achieving optimum health." - Cheryl Lago

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Written by Kirsten Garbutt

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