Friday, 30 November 2012

Theory of a Deadman and Big Wreck rock GMC

Big Wreck and Theory of a Deadman played the General Motors Centre in Oshawa, on Friday, November 30th.  The arena was not filled to capacity, which is disappointing, as these are two phenomenal Canadian acts. Their songs are very melodious and infectious.  These are our musicians, and it was wonderful to see them on the same bill.

This was not a Bieberesque song and dance.  There were no gimmicks.  There was no pyrotechnics.  There was not even a smoke machine in the venue.  There was no elaborate stage set up, just the simplicity of colour in lights.  Each band hung their own banner and performed on a wide open stage.  The rest was just music.

I didn't have a chance to obtain a reviewer pass, so these are just some of my impressions from the pit.  The lighting was simply beautiful, and the leading men fun and expressive.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Creating Theatrical Posters

By Ratul Debnath

Posters are a great tool for promotion and if you still believe in the power of print, you know how far a good poster can go, to reach your audience. Posters are not limited to print though. Blogs, social networks, mailing lists can all extend the reach of your visual communication.

We recently shot a campaign for promoting Humbug: a theatrical fashion performance presented by Pie Media Group, in support of the Sick Kids Hospital. Director and producer of the show, Sandra Roberts styled the shoot to carry the same vintage vibe that the book and movie "A Christmas Carol" (a Charles Dickinson brain child) was based on. The script of the event is based on it, thus, the root of inspiration. 

For those of you who haven't read the book, Scrooge is an old, rich, heartless businessman who hates Christmas and gets intervened by three ghosts on Christmas eve to resurrect his soul and revive his sense for humanity. Main characters for this shoot being Scrooge, both in his early years and when he gets old, the three ghosts and Scrooge's nephew. 

As with any good production, you need a strong team as a backbone. A team of exceptional talent got together to make this happen. Stylist Sandra Roberts, hair stylist Karli Rockbrune, makeup artists Melissa Hall, Jenni Lin Baldwick and Julia MacNeil and photographer, yours truly, started with a very clear unified vision of the end product and the models stepped right into character from the get-go.

The nephew, a role played by Glenn Coulson, is a modern day, successful businessman and philanthropist. Rich but kind; proud, but down to earth. Since his character is based entirely on present times, his styling was designed to emulate that.

This is a portrait of Scrooge in his early years, with his first, but lost love, roles played by Micheal and Lindsey. The styling and makeup takes you back in time, around the forties with the big bow tie, round framed spectacles, laced umbrella and thin distinct eyebrows. But her Wildfox sweater and Hunter boots definitely portray the multitude of layers of this show.

The three ghosts of Christmas (from left to right): Kirsten (ghost of Christmas past), Tiny Guy (ghost of Christmas present) and Michellyn (ghost of Christmas future).Dark makeup and neutral expressions really added to the ghostly feel of this shot.

Finally, the character the script revolves around: old misanthropist Scrooge. Played by Frank Ferragine, who had his hair sprayed white and heavy makeup to portray a man in his late sixties. I still haven't asked him how his kids reacted to his look when he picked them up from school Halloween day with his makeup still on, right after the shoot. Frank came up with the brilliant idea of incorporating new Canadian bills to make clear that the story is set in the present, although the miser that he is, he hasn't bought anything new over the years. I used a wide angle lens to make his head seem bigger and almost give it a cartoon look with expressions seeming more animated.

One of the final products (image below) that went to print for the Mady Centre windows was designed by Ainsley from Orange Sky Creatives, fusing modern typography with the vintage inspired pictures. A clear example of great talents from various arts, successfully collaborating to create one vision. Come to the show to witness this team live, in flesh, and in full throttle. 
Ticket and show info available at

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

ulookslim - Life Is Beautiful



We here at Pie recently partook in some of the services offered by Cheryl @ulookslim. The magic happened in beautiful downtown Barrie at the BliSS Barn, 119 Dunlop St East, Barrie, ON.
Optimizing well-being, body transformation, connecting with your inner self, and crafting real change by setting realistic goals. These are the words that drive Cheryl's passion and success.

"The desire to live healthier, perform better and show up for life is within all of us. I believe this journey can be fun, exciting and effortless."
Here is a brief rundown of the wide array of services offered by ulookslim:

Wave Rides
This specialized computer system can "work-out" your muscles and give you greater tone & shape. Electro-muscle stimulation is just like a physical workout and builds real muscle; target your trouble spot & poof! effortlessly transformation.

Quantum Scalar Wave Laser
Healing light & rejuvenation therapy. Deletes traumatic cellular memory allowing the body to unwind and relax, therefore healing itself.

Nutritional Management Program
Eating & understanding what your eating. Way more than a diet program, its a full on made-for-u lifestyleenhancement program created by their very own nutritionist.

Integrated Body Work 
Open up to healing with a 1 or 2 hr session that integrates massage, reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy, guided imagery, and laser therapy.

Juicing Programs
Refreshing, natural and easy. Juicing offers you vibrant health through highly absorbable natural nutrients.

Universal Contour Wrap
Quick and often dramatic inch loss through a detoxification wrapping process. Lose up to 6 inches in 2 1/2 hrs!!

With so many choices it was hard for us to decide but in the end we went with the Integrated Body Work and a Juicing Program. There are millions of words we could use to describe our experience, but if asked to choose some they would be amazing, life altering and empowering!

"We offer a new way of viewing your body & weight concerns by providing relaxing, uplifting, and time sensitive body enhancing treatments with proven results. Our goal is to help you fall in love with yourself by guiding you into deeper awareness to achieving optimum health." - Cheryl Lago

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Written by Kirsten Garbutt