Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Body by Vi: the transformational, result-based, vitamin and supplement program

    Before the holiday season has even begun, I'm finding myself worrying about how to tackle all that excess "padding" that seems to appear the two-weeks before each New Year. The seemingly endless flow of h'ors douvres, dinners and of course, cocktails that we are met with during the month of December, it's no wonder that we'd like to have some type of healthy light at the end of the dark tunnel.

    Aside from it being that special time of the year, ongoing good health and vitality is something important to pretty much every single one of us. From counting calories to logging our daily weight, educating ourselves on how our bodies work and what is best for them has almost become a full time job in itself!
    On our hunt for some solutions to these all to familiar problems, our journey led us to the discovery of Body by Vi. This amazing weight-loss and supplement program that is easy to use, completely approachable and designed to integrate flawlessly with your life.

    I had the opportunity to meet with Terri, a local sales rep for Body by Vi, and how the program changed her life and inspired her to share this with our community.
    Terri's personal story on how she became involved with Body by Vi is one not to unfamiliar from the struggles we all have when dealing with good health and feeling great. Between chronic tiredness, not being able to shake off those last few pounds, and just generally not getting the nutrition she needed in her diet, Terri made the decision to get involved with the program, which launched across Canada in September 2011. The changes were almost immediate and the extended benefits Terri noticed included improved digestive health, glowing skin and a lot more energy.

    The Body by Vi program is a combination of weight-loss, vitamin and supplement elements that consist of the Vi-shape Nutritional Shake, four daily vitamin and anti-oxidant capsules, the ViSalus NUERO energy drinks, and delicious Nutra-Cookies. The centerpiece and foundation of the program is no doubt the shake. Made to taste like cake batter (amazing, I know), this milk-based mix - Terri recommends using almond milk for added benefit - is packed full with an unbelievable amount of nutrition. To get the equivalent found in one serving of the Vi-Shape shake you would need to eat over $100 in groceries and 8,600 calories!

    Beyond the super shake, the benefits of the rest of the system are really what balances the program out and really packs the punch to get your body back in check. The cellular rejuvenation system, aka daily capsules, is the most complete health system on the market featuring patented anti-aging formulas designed to support your health at a cellular level.

    For 2012, Terri is planning on offering an awesome incentive for people who want to join the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge in the new year, by having a Body Makeover Competition. Leading up to a big before and after reveal fashion show event in downtown Barrie, entrants will find this a fabulous way to get healthy and start the new year off right!

    For more information on the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge, the program and elements that make it up, or to get involved yourself, check out the site here:!

by Joshua Shier


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